Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Warm Fruit Dessert

Yet another recipe from the same salsa party (we did dance salsa there, not only eat:)). A mix of fruit and berries, covered with a thin dough layer, and baked in oven. Simple to do, but certainly the best dessert in the party (and the only I tried:)). If you skip the dough cover, it becomes healthy as well. Eat while it is warm!


A mix of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Can be frozen, if it is not the seazon (my guess is ~1/2 kg).
1 banana
1 sweat apple
1 sour apple
1 mango

1 egg
2 spoons of butter
2 spoons of sugar
Flower (as much as needed to make it hard)


Cut the fruit in small pieces and place to the oven dish. From the other ingredients, make a shortcrust dough: add butter and egg to the flower, start chopping with a knife and finally put everything together with hands until it is even and not sticky. Flatten it until thin cover and place on top of fruit. Bake in oven for ~25 min.


The next day after party I tried a similar thing, just without berries (which I did not have), and without the cover. I added cinamon to the fruit mix. It was good, but 25 min was not enough for the apples and mango (a danish raw mango!) to become soft enough. I imagine this "cake" would go well with vanilla icecream.

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