Tuesday, April 3, 2007

French Omlet

This was my dish in the salsa party - an easy thing to do for many people, and has plenty of variations. The basics is egg, and for the rest - you can add almost anything. This is a vegetarian version, if you do not count the eggs :) I liked the combination this time, and it was with a bit of a mix of tortilla and lithuanian omlet.

With the given amounts you get a big one!


9 eggs
half glass of semolina (manai, or mannagryn)
half glass of milk
2 big potatoes
1 big onion
1 big carrot
a couple handfuls of frozen snap-beans (sparagines pupleles, or asparagus boenner; if you are lucky to have fresh, use those)
a hanful of olives
A bit of parmezanno for topping (optional).
Salt, pepper, parsley, dills

Half glass of hot water
2 spoons of butter or olive oil (with oil, it does not crust like with butter, but butter is bad:))
flower to make it hard


Mix the base ingredients together until it is even, hard, and not-sticky. Roll dough into thin layer and cover a baking dish with it. Another variation of the base is to use an egg instead of hot water.

Scramble the eggs well, soak semolina in milk, and mix together (if you have time, scramble egg yellow and white with salt separatelly). Add spices to eggs. Lightly fry or saute very thin-sliced potatoes, onions, and cubbed carrots. Put them, olives, and beans to the baking dish. Pour the egg mix on top. Put to pre-heated oven, and bake for at least 40 min (depends how thick it is). Before the end, top it with grated parmezanno.


The original version is with cream and bacon, just, I don't like these. I used to add milk instead of cream, but the omlet becomes too soft. My mam does omlet with semolina, and it worked for me. I've tried this thing with various vegetables. I think, olives go really well in it, as well as snap-beans. And, it is good to have lots of colours. Dills fit with eggs very well. Although, basilikum and other grasses are also good for a change.

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