Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lithuanian Salad

While I am running unsuccessful bus tracking experiments, I will write down one more food experiment here. I am sure all Lithuanians know how to do Lithuanian salad, but the others don't. They don't even know it is Lithuanian salad, and for some strange reasons call it Russian salad. And for Lithuanians, there is a home-made mayonaise recipe, which did not work very well this time :)

This salad is a MUST for all family parties, as well as all other parties where people eat. And we eat in almost all parties :) The quantities give enough for a decent Lithuanian party (keeping in mind you have 10 more salads and hot dishes :D)


8 big boiled potatoes
4 boiled carrots
half glass of pickles
2 cans of grean peas (sometimes I used frozen, and also add beans)
4 hard-boiled eggs
small onion (spring onions are good as well)
salt, dills

2 raw egg yolks
mustard (optional)
a spoon of lemon juice
half cup, or as much as you like olive oil
salt, pepper


Cut all ingredients to small pieces and mix together. Potatoes and carros should not be overboiled, and some people say, that less carrots - more tasty salad, but don't reduce to 0:)

As supermarket mayonaise is out of scope of my healthy cooking vision, I decided to make it myself, with olive oil, and without hundreds of E-s. Scramble everything except oil together. Then, start VERY SLOWLY adding oil, drop by drop, and scrambling all the time. Your mayonaise should "emulsify" and become harder. At the end, you can add water, if it is too hard.


Our traditional salad must be respected and not messed up with experiments :) So, the only chance for a mess is mayonaise.

I do not like mustard, so I did not use it. Also, I wanted to make it less fat, but I ended up having almost pure lemon juice, as I used the whole lemon. At the end, I had to heat it up to make it harder, but it still stayed extremely sour. Conclusion: limit yourself with a spoon of lemon, and sufficiently olive oil. Although, next time I will just make a simple oil-and-lemon souce.

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A Pelaia said...

Trying recipes from other cultures is always such an adventure!

Ari (Baking and Books)