Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Peruvian rice salad

I will start with a recipe which I did not have chance to mess up yet. It was my favourite dish in salsa dinner party. Thank's to DaliaV, now I know the ingredients. This one is for sure healthy, and easy for experimenting - it seems you can change almost any ingredients (at least try to keep rice and beans, otherwise it is a question how much peruvian and ricy it stays). The amounts are for a HUGE pot of salad, and proportios are very approximate.


1 kg of non-sticky white rice
3 cans of different kinds of beans
1 can of sweat corn
1 can of grean peas
250g of cherry tomatoes (for my taste, could be more)
1 big avocado
1 big turkey breast (almost 1 kg)
1 paprika
A few red onions
Salt, peper, spices for turkey
Olive oil for turkey
Salad sauce (e.g., olive oil with lemon; optional)


Boil the rice and cool them down. Cut the turkey to small cubes, prepare with spices, and fry in small amount of olive oil. Cool it down as well. Cut onions to thin slices. Cut avodado, paprika and cucumber to small cubes, open the cans, and mix everything together. Add sauce if you want. That's it!

My experiences

I did not have them yet with cooking, but tasting was really pleasant :) That version was without onion, paprika, cucumber, little salt, and without any sauce. When I try out mine, I will let you know!

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