Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home made ricotta (or curd) - extremelly simple!

Unsuccessful attempts to find low-fat ricotta in Danish supermarkets led me to producing my own. Surprisingly simple! All you need:

1 liter of low-fat milk
250 ml of low-fat sourmilk (otherwise called buttermilk, kærnelmælk på dansk)

Put everything to a non-sticky sauce pan and stir while its getting warmer, taking the forming curds (white solid parts) from the bottom and sides when they form. When the it gets warmer, stir only occasionally to let the curds go up. Stop at once when the liquid becomes greenish-yellowish transparent, and you see white curds on top. If you overhead, your cheese will be quite hard (just like mine :)). Now, drain the curds in a sieve. As I did not have a propper one, I just took the curds out of the pan with a plastic spoon and placed them in a pasta sieve for some 10 minutes.

The outcome is only a handful, so you might want to make at least double amount. If you want real sour cottage cheese (like Lithuanian one) that is not existing in at least Danish supermarkets, I believe replacing milk with sour milk would help.

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